Taubmans Case Study


Taubmans Colour Galaxy

Choosing and buying the right type of paint can be a baffling ordeal. Both professionals and people trying to spruce up their homes know the struggle. It didn’t help that a digital solution to the problem simply didn’t exist.

The Client

Taubmans Trade, part of PPG Architectural Coatings, decided it was time for that to change. They called on TheFARM for a solution. With over a century of experience in paints, coatings, and colours, they had the perfect amount of know-how for us to tap in to.


We were going to reach colour specifiers, the industry term for architects and designers, and trade painters. These were the taste-makers – the people who decided what colours were in this season and what colours were passé.

Spontaneous Brand Awareness

This was a market where Dulux was dominating, and Taubmans came in runner up. We saw the opportunity for Taubmans to disrupt the order by creating a game-changing product.

The Client Brief

What they wanted was simple.

  • they wanted something with a ‘WOW’ factor.
  • to own the digital space and be the leaders online.
  • to improve the process of finding, trying, and specifying paint

Get to know the users

We knew understanding the customers was the key and launched into an extensive validation process. We conducted surveys, interviews, and observations of customer behaviour. This involved finding out how they found the colours they wanted and the specific stages of specifying the colour that gave them the most grief.

Get know the colour

This meant that we had to become colour experts. To get an immersive experience, we visited the Taubman’s labs and factories for an intimate understanding of their products. We explored all the colour selection tools that were available to note their limitations and also looked into the alternatives that existed.


This journey gave us two major insights.

  • Inspiration doesn’t come from the paint company. It came from a process of exploration and trial, which we needed to facilitate digitally.
  • Brush-outs are the final and key decision tool. These are the physical samples of the paint that people order. We needed to reinvent the process of colour swatch selection and brush-out ordering so that it was more natural for these users, within the context of where and when they order brush-outs and quick and easy to use.

Workshop with client

In extensive workshops, we looked into the ways that people navigate colours that why want, and the ways that they discovered new ones. This lets us create a map of the journeys.

Rapid Prototyping

With all this information in mind, we rapidly built some prototypes and had the clients try them out. Throughout the process, we kept improving and testing. Nothing was left to guesswork.

Lean Development

We followed lean development principles. The product needed to be responsive and have usability as the guiding principle. Iterations had to be released quickly and reiterated based on the feedback process. That’s how the Colour Galaxy was born.


And the clients loved it, as did the specifiers. Orders and site usage shot up and the clients were confident in saying they got the ‘WOW’ factor they’d wanted.

Faster & Quicker

It now takes less than five minutes to get from start to check out.

Painters can now get their orders in less than three days.

Marketing From Function

The Colour Galaxy spoke for itself. It was a hit at the DesignEX show, and the consumer site also adopted the colour tools. It blew the competition out of the water and left them scrambling to catch up.