Moccona Instagram Case Study


We were briefed to launch Moccona’s presence on Instagram – a brand new channel for the brand.

We needed to make people aware that Moccona was on Instagram. Moccona’s main goal was to increase their reach online, a challenge we tackled by leveraging our Facebook community and recruiting Instagram influencers.

We chose a two pronged launch strategy: one to invite our most loyal Facebook fans to follow us, and one to drive the reach of our message through Instagram influencers, all with the aim of inspiring coffee drinkers to associate Moccona with beautiful moments.

We put out a call on Moccona’s Facebook page for fans to opt in to “wake up to something special,” by supplying us with their IG user names. Users who opted in were woken with a beautiful video message delivered via Instagram, directly to their inbox – a new feature on Instagram. To kick off the influencer impact, we enlisted a rotating cast of IG influencers, prepared bespoke “Moccona love packs” to mail to them,& asked them to show us their #mocconamoment on Instagram.


  • We gained nearly 1,000 fans overnight, kickstarting our Instagram presence & capturing true Moccona fans.
  • As for our influencer program, we reached over 20,000 Instagram users in the first month, and 180,000 through our influencers over the next 6 months, for a cost per reach of $0.16.
  • With 800 fan mentions of #mocconamoment, our combined total reach came to 359,577, for a cost per impression of $0.11.
  • The program was so successful in driving reach & awareness that the program has been funded for all of 2015.